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How To Choose The Right Display Cases

Display cases may not seem to be obviously important - you may think that the object's visibility to the public is all that matters. There are, however, several more crucial factors to consider when choosing display cases and picking the appropriate case is more complicated than just finding the best price.


Choosing the right kind of display case is part of how you care for your products and can help to protect your items from the ravages of time.


We give you guidance on choosing the right one for your collections. Ideally, a stone display cabinet will have several important features. These include:


* choose a suitable location

* an attractive, non-obtrusive exterior that matches the surroundings

* doors that seal tightly to keep out dust

* internal cabinet lighting

* well-spaced shelves to accommodate the size of the specimens

* mirror backing, because it doubles the amount of light and shows off the back sides

* a locking door

* provide good lighting

* consider color and contrast

* avoid crowding

* display each best angle

* learn from other collections 

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