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About Ceramic Tile Steel Wood Displays

Speaking of exhibition stands, many friends have the feeling of visiting a big supermarket. A variety of different styles of display racks can always be more appropriate to display the goods more attractive. 


Tsianfan Industrial & Trading Co.,Ltd is making ceramic tile display racks. Do not produce supermarket display racks. But I dare to give you a ticket. Our style can be no less than they are. Focus on display rack sales. Today we introduced a steel wood display stand to everyone. For everyone to analyze the characteristics of the mainstream tile exhibition.

Tile steel wood display stand mainly consists of metal and wood laminates. Laminates mainly serve as barriers. It is generally composed of density plates, melamine and solid wood materials. Metal parts are mainly used in various frameworks, beams, columns and other load-bearing structures. The material is mainly composed of cold rolled steel or alloy.

Because it is a custom product. Therefore, the dimensions are custom-made and the structure must be made removable. To reduce the transport volume cost. Simultaneous assembly must also be simple and convenient. Not too complicated. Because the customer is not professional. So even if it's simple, we have to have an installation manual or an assembly drawing.

The tile display adds glory to the tile sample itself. The steel wood tile display rack has great advantages in terms of cost performance, aesthetics, and service life. Has been applied to the country tile stores and tile building materials exhibition hall.

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