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Where are sell wooden floor display cabinet in Xiamen

Tsianfan Industrial & Trading Co., Ltd is a professional company  sells wooden floor display cabinets. Have own factory. Friends who need wood floor display cabinets can contact us by telephone for the price. Good advertising time is over. Next, we will introduce how to find wood flooring display rack manufacturers.

First, the building materials market: There are too many large and small building materials markets in Xiamen. Choose a few large building materials market. Jiangtou Building Materials Market; Yingda Sanitary City Address: No. 120, Taiwan Street, Huli District, Xiamen, one of the building materials market, sales of building materials products more complete; Guolian Building Materials City Address: No. 198 Taiwan Street, Huli District; Ali Hill Home Decoration Market Address: Jiahe Road, Luling Road, Hubin North Road Interchange of three main roads; Santong Building Materials City Address: 132 Taiwan Street; Xiamen Bai Anju Address: Mingfa Commercial Plaza; looking for in these major building materials market Professional sales of wood flooring businesses on it. Then go in and look carefully at the display stand. The general display stand will be marked with the manufacturer's name and contact information.

Second, 114 telephone yellow pages. Many large companies will register 114 yellow pages. They will provide a certain amount of business consulting for display companies. Just hit 114 on it.

Third, to your upstream inquiries, such as you are selling wooden floors, then you ask from your wholesaler side, they will tell you where there are. But remember to ask the local. The foreign country may introduce you to a long way. Cruiser Lawton.

Fourth, Baidu map: Baidu is a good tool we should let him serve us well Baidu Xiamen wooden floor display cabinet, as long as Baidu included the display cabinet manufacturers will put the detailed address for you to mark out.