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Way to remove paint smell for stone display rack

Stone display rack how to remove paint odor is believed to be a concern for many stone sellers, paint smell is very unpleasant, and secondly for the user's body may also cause a certain impact. Therefore, it is very necessary to remove the paint smell of the display rack. The following small series of simple introduction to the removal of paint flavor method.

 First, cold salt water to remove paint

Cold salt water in addition to the new display paint flavor or vinegar in addition to the new display stand paint: container filled with cold water, and then add the right amount of vinegar in a ventilated room. This can absorb the odor that is left on the new rack; or you can only put two pots of cold salt water in the room, remove the lacquer taste in one to two days, or soak the onion in the pot, which is also effective.

Second, the plant elimination method

Chlorophytum, aloe vera, and tiger-tailed orchids can absorb a large amount of pollutants such as formaldehyde in the interior of a new display rack, eliminating and preventing indoor air pollution. The role of plants is very large, and plants do not have any side effects, so it is a good method and measure.

Three, citric acid removal display paint flavor

To quickly remove the residual paint odor, use citric acid to soak the cotton balls, hang them in the room and on the new rack, so that the paint smell of the display rack can be effectively removed.

I have simply introduced the removal method of the paint smell of stone display racks, hoping to bring us some help.