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Tips to buy ceramic tile display cabinets

In order to better highlight the display effect of tile display cabinets and display racks, people need to have a certain amount of know-how when choosing display cabinets and display racks. They should buy according to the needs of the displayed products rather than feel self-conscious and feel good-looking. . Please pay attention to the following points when purchasing:

1. Display cabinets and display racks placed against the wall are opaque panels, with the same color, white (recommended) and mirror surface as the appearance of the cabinet; the top can be equipped with light boxes, and the interior light can be used for fluorescent lamps. Spotlights, LED spotlights, the height of the top with light boxes in a display cabinet in the 1800-2400mm, height below 1800 is not suitable for the top light box; depth is generally 350--400mm, if the display of larger volume items, depth You can choose 400mm. Of course, this also requires you to decide on the square and height of the area of your tile showroom.

2. The square vertical display cabinets and display stands can be tiled on all four sides. This battle can be 400*400 or smaller. However, do not put too large size samples. Because of the large size of tiles, it is easy to increase the pressure of the square vertical display cabinet. Reduce the service life.

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