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Tile samples, paste yourself

Many bosses selling tiles feel that it is a waste to buy tile samples. On the contrary, it is easier and cheaper to buy adhesives for yourself. So we generally choose to buy that kind of paste it?

Paste glue is a common structural adhesive, strong plastic, marble adhesive, AB glue. Most people prefer to use AB glue. However, AB glue has obvious disadvantages. Solidification is slower. On the contrary, marble glue is drying faster. So my advice is to use marble glue and AB glue.

How to make the sample paste firm and beautiful? Here's how to teach everyone: AB glue is used on the four corners of the tile and then smeared with marble glue on the remaining center of the tile at a distance of 5 points. Leave the resignation on the wall for a period of time, about one minute. Wait for marble glue to air dry. The last is to wait for the AB glue to dry.

The marble on the wall of the TV background that was previously seen by friends was the AB glue used. The price of AB glue is also not very expensive. About two hundred dollars or so. Friends of the glue quality problem can be assured. But also consider that you should never buy fakes. The other is completely.