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The way to show all kinds of ceramic tile

Different ceramic tiles have different characteristics and selling points. How to more intuitively display ceramic tiles. Let customers involuntarily discover these flashpoints, seize the customer's eyeballs, and promote customers' desire to purchase. So tile sellers will design a variety of display methods in the showroom. As a ceramic tile exhibition design for many years, I will introduce you to several common, simple ceramic tile display methods. For your reference.

       1. Bar display: This display method has other advantages while saving space. The customer's eyesight and tile viewing angle is 90°, which enables more complete display of all aspects of the tile. Such as the tile finish, tile color and texture. Such display racks are usually made up of push-pull showcases and flip-up showcases.

       2. Rampage display: As the name implies, the tiles displayed on the sloping board have a certain angle with the customer's perspective. Unlike the candy bar display, customers can't see the whole picture at a distance. However, if the customer views it from a close distance. Then all his things are reflected. Under the lighting of the exhibition hall, there is a very large addition to the tiles. Most of these display racks are push-pull displays. The method designed as a push-pull is mainly to save space in the exhibition hall. At the same time, it makes the display more beautiful. The other one is the common large swashplate display method.

       3, other, the above two kinds of display methods are now more popular in 16 years. But there are still other different ways of showing. But all belong to a relatively small minority. Can not meet the aesthetic vision of all customers. So here we may say that it is a niche show. The niche display is usually designed to be more portable, convenient to carry and logistics.

       It is suggested that when designing exhibition halls and buying tile display racks, we should refer to how other people's exhibition halls were renovated, especially those that are relatively outstanding and have relatively large brand names. Also look for the help of the exhibition design company or the designer. They will come up with the best solution that meets the characteristics of your presentation from a professional perspective. Save money, save space, and display is perfect.