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The materials for ceramic tile display rack products

According to the different users of the exhibition products and the placing environment, the production materials of the exhibition stand will also be different. One of the most important must be based on the needs of customers determine the material of the product. The following is a brief introduction of the raw materials used in the production of the company's products.

 First, stainless steel: stainless steel has resistance to air, steam, water and other weak corrosive media and so on. The production intensity is very large. Therefore, it will not be susceptible to other physical damages such as deformation by being squeezed by major forces. A simple word is strong and durable.

    Second, the wood raw materials: wood Although waterproof and corrosion resistant stainless steel material is not good. However, the texture of wood is very good. After the wood processing, it also has a certain waterproof anti-corrosion function. The important thing is that the wood exhibited by wood has a very beautiful atmosphere. At a glance you can see the heavy sense of history. So many large companies of this type are ordered more.

    Third, glass products: The advantages of glass exhibitions do not have to say it. At a glance. Fashion avant-garde is synonymous with it. If your showroom is decorated with European and American standards. Must not miss our glass showcase.

    Fourth, other: There are other organic materials. The intended use is very accurate. If you need to learn more. Please call us below for contact number. Our staff will give you a detailed introduction.
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