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The material on the surface of the ceramic tile rack

Our company's ceramic tile display rack can be divided into two types according to the production materials: oil quality steel and MDF material. The MDF material will be given a layer of waterproof film. This is mainly due to the material properties of the MDF.

     MDF: The common name is Medium Density Fiberboard (English name: Medium Density Fiberboard,  abbreviated as MDF,  and can also be called MDF).

     The main features: uniform structure, smooth surface, moderate density, good dimensional stability, small deformation. Disadvantages are: water absorption is poor, need to pay attention to moisture. Poor grip nails, nails easily loosened.

     Therefore, according to the characteristics of the MDF, it is necessary to paste a waterproof film on the surface. This material is generally plastic. Flexibility is good, but it has strong adhesion and is not easy to fall off. This ensures that the shelf will last longer. From an external aesthetic point of view, the added value of the display racks has also been added.