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Requirements for metal stone display frame appearance

Metal stone display rack design and production should follow certain norms. In order to meet the requirements of customers and meet the target customers' aesthetic display racks.

 First, the surface of the display shelf should be smooth and flat, without scratches; the surface coating should be uniform in color, and no defects such as obvious exposed bottom, peeling, and inclusions should be allowed; the part of the display shelf that can be in contact with people should not have sharp corners and glitch.

Second, the coating adhesion should meet grade 2 and above gb/t9286-1998 requirements. Welds should be strong.

Third, all metal parts of the display rack should be treated with anti-corrosion treatment.

Fourth, the thickness of the main components of the display frame shall be no less than 40μm for the spray or spray of the coating; the thickness of the electrogalvanized layer shall meet the requirements of 7.5 of gb/t15675-2008; the thickness of the hot dip galvanized layer shall conform to the 7.7 of gb/t2518-2008. Claim.

Fifth, the weld surface is uniform, no cracks, no fusion, porosity, slag inclusions, welding defects and other defects.

Six, spray coating hardness should meet gb/t6739-2006 h and above grade requirements.

The six points above describe some of the standards in the production of metal stone display racks. With regard to the specifications for the display of wooden stone racks, I will open another detailed description.
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