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How to choose ceramic tiles How to distinguish the quality of ceramic tiles

Tiles are one of the most commonly used main materials for modern home decoration. They are spread throughout every area of the home. To ensure the quality of the overall decoration, the selection of tiles is very important. There are many kinds of ceramic tiles in the market, and the quality difference is relatively large. How to choose the ceramic tile, how to distinguish the quality of the ceramic tile? Let's take a look at the following small series for everyone.
quality of ceramic tiles
Buy tile process
1. Check the glazed surface of the tile for pinholes, spots, glazed texture, and color difference.

2. See if the tiles are deformed.

3, look at the water absorption rate of the tile, with water droplets on the back of the brick, the smaller the diffusion area, the longer the drying time, the lower the water absorption rate, the better the quality.

4, listen to the sound, tap the tile with your hand, the more sharp the sound, the better the quality.

5, weight, the heavier the weight, the better the texture.

6, out of the box inspection, see if there is no damage, each box of different products, one after the tile to see if there is no color difference, the size of the size.

Shop tiles considerations

1. Tell the sales staff of the store about the style, color, square of the building and your preferences. In general, there are more than 1000 types of ceramic tiles. Customers who first contact ceramic tiles are generally difficult to judge. Therefore, listen to the opinions of experts.

2, when buying kitchen and bathroom, balcony tiles, you must first select the wall tiles, then choose the floor tiles, follow the principle of simple and complex. There are many colors for the floor tiles, which are relatively simple, and the wall tiles have the tops and bottoms. The combination is more complicated, and the simple and complex ones will make your color match more perfect.

3. When purchasing bricks in the living room, the bricks should be calculated by referring to the square of the room. For example, the optional side length of 30 square meters or less is 45cm or less; the available side length of more than 30 square meters is 45-60cm. This is worth noting, because customers will not have a sense of space at home when they enter the tile shop, which will affect the judgment.

4, when laying bricks, we must pay attention to the seams. If it is unsuitable, it will not be effective, and it will be self-defeating.

5. Calculation. The square of the bricks purchased can be calculated by the designer or calculated on the market for professionals, so that losses can be minimized.