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Process of wooden shelf production

A complete production process of wood flooring display rack manufacturers of many links and steps such as preparation of raw materials, woodworking, paint finishing, and final product packaging.

    Many people believe that the wooden shelf production process is very simple, the production process is nothing more than the opening, sealing, punching, equipment and equipment is also three kinds of open saws, edge banding machine, row drill. Structure points follow the 32 series of dismantling connectors, is it really imaginary so simple? The production technology of wooden shelves is far from what you might think. The same board, and the opening process, because of the difference in the number of products produced, is obviously different from the number of openings, ranging from once to 10 times.

    Some single-panel light and light processing programs require more than 20 times. Why is there such a big difference? The reason is that the production process of the shelf-making process needs to be integrated according to the design complexity of the product, the use of materials, the structure, and other various factors. The more complex the process, the more product factors are designed.

    The main components: raw materials, design documents, equipment, construction personnel, and production management systems.

    Under the premise of selecting high-quality materials, raw materials must be ensured on time. This is the basis. Through the design file you can clearly guide each step of the production of the product. There is evidence to follow. The main need to see is the renderings, three views, exploded parts, parts processing drawings, hardware parts list, packaging solutions, installation drawings, bills of materials (BOM), parts processing process, product manuals It is necessary to ensure personal safety while operating.

    The operation of the product to ensure the standardization of operations, can not be considered casual production queue. Disrupt the work order. This will seriously affect the quality of our products and endanger our health.

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