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Problems for Floor tiles exhibition room decoration model placement

Now the tile business knows the importance of shop decoration, the store is not renovated, and the tiles inside it look very low grade. Prices don't come up and they're disgusted. 100% no business. So at this stage in the ceramic tile circle is more popular discussion of how to decorate the model showroom. It is both beautiful and atmospheric, that is reasonable and spacious.
    First of all, say the next question under the decoration brick. Opening the door to do business, people come and go, is the test of the quality of floor tiles. Poor quality ones sooner or later become bad. Give the customer a bad impression: The bricks in his store are all like this ghost, and who dares to do business with you. I suggest using bricks of the package type. The color of the package brick is various and the design is convenient and flexible. The main thing is that its wear resistance is really good and it is also waterproof and non-slip.

    In addition, on the problem of placement of the model, you can use a variety of placement methods such as hanging, pendulum, and plugging. When designing space, you can design it well. There are also many model exhibitors nowadays. High grade.

    Brick's decorative cloth problem: It is not recommended to use colorful colors, giving the customer a sense of chaos, and the mind does not come down. The customer's heart is still not down you think about customers can stay with you for a long time? Nothing to talk about for a few minutes is sure to leave. Black and solid color fabrics are recommended.

     Tile size problem: According to different specifications to buy different tile display racks, some of the exhibits are also suitable for different specifications of the tiles. If your income is good, you can design it yourself.