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Points for making simple stainless steel racks

Making stainless steel racks requires attention to common points. The author found that this is a lot of display rack manufacturers will intentionally or unintentionally be committed.

1, Simple station time due to the small size, so be careful not to leave the welding port too large during welding. Too big to be beautiful, can't buy a good price.

2, stainless steel products choose low density, small size, bearing major alloy materials. In addition to extending the lifespan, it also enhances practicality and aesthetics.

3, select the quality assurance alloy: Although the alloy is divided into many kinds, I do not require everyone to use the best, but try to use a little better.

4, it is best to use high-quality paint that can make the stainless steel blend. It will not be long before the paint can be used for a long time.

5, work hard. Not impetuous. The exhibition stand must be beautiful.


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