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How to produce stone sliding cabinet display stand

The use of stone push-pull cabinet: To carry stone samples in indoor or outdoor stone display area. Plays off the stone sample, assists the stone purchase customer to take, flip, touch and other actions on the stone sample. Can save exhibition space, so that the interior of the exhibition hall is not more reasonable and beautiful.

The features of stone push-pull cabinet: Push-pull cabinet is divided into two kinds of flat push and vertical push. Their characteristics are much the same. It was launched at the time of presentation to show stone samples. After the guests finish their visit, they leave the display area and push the stone to push the cabinet. The purpose of this is to make the exhibition hall look more beautiful, and colleagues will also reduce the dust pollution of the stone samples.

Stone sliding cabinet production methods: sliding cabinet is generally made of wood and steel materials spliced. Steel plays a role as a backbone for load-bearing. Wood can bring a better user experience in terms of appearance and feel. Therefore, the outer frame and countertop of a push-pull cabinet are all made of wood.

The four steps for production method:

1. Download the structure diagram of stone push cabinet. We don't start sliding cabinets when we think about it in our heads. If you do this, you will have a lot of negative impact on your work. Searching for a schematic of a push-pull cabinet from Baidu is both simple and time-saving.

2. Prepare the material. Prepare necessary screws, hammers and other necessary tools. The most important steel and wood can be purchased for the local building materials market. Remember to call a business cut.

3. Assemble and assemble the parts together according to the instructions on the block diagram. Please pay attention to safety during operation.

4. Paint, paint the push-pull cabinet according to the designed color. Painting techniques should be mastered by yourself. Uniformity, gloss is the main measure of paint quality. If you have higher requirements on the appearance of the table, you can pull the stone sliding cabinet to the professional paint manufacturers for baking paint treatment. The effect of baking paint is more upscale than the paint itself. At the same time moisture-proof waterproof, stone push-pull cabinet longer life.

Individual merchants make stone sliding cabinets according to the above method of production on it. If you need large quantities of stone sliding cabinets. That personal production is not realistic. It is recommended to directly find manufacturers to produce. Manufacturers are not only professional, but at a time when the number is sufficient, the price will not be very high. More importantly, it can save you a lot of time. Let you spend more time on more important things.
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