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How to distribute tile display space

We all know that all of Xiamen's current prices for facades are relatively expensive. For tile sales bosses, how to improve the display effect of tile displays is an important issue. The space to be used here lays the knowledge. Fortunately, I have assisted in the use of space in a university. Today, we share with you the scientific use of tile stores in space.

The plane area is so large, if you increase the utilization rate? In fact, we can use three faces: (three-dimensional space, wall space, and ground space). With these three aspects well planned, your exhibition hall cannot be placed poorly.

Wall space: This concept is better understood. It is only necessary to lay the wall display on the remaining wall. It should be noted here that the inclination should not be too large, and the large slab tiles should be placed in a low position. The position of the slab should not exceed the horizontal position of the human sight. People now have cervical spondylosis. Too high a point of view is generally not willing to see too long, but also hurt the cervical spine.

Three-dimensional space: According to the height of the actual store to buy a small area, there is a display rack with sufficient height. Such display stands can use high-utilization space. Or more ceramic tile samples are placed. However, one thing to note is that the lower part of the display must be stable or directly fixed.

Ground space: My suggestion is to put it into a "back" shape. There are pillars that can be placed on the back. The retracement can take into account the tiles on the wall space while maximizing the use of floor space. Also on the client's take and watch.

If these three spaces are in conflict, for example, the space display rack blocksthe sight of customers visiting the wall display racks. Then we need to operate according to the specific circumstances. Integrate various factors to develop a position that best fits each space display rack.