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How to display for a ceramic tile store

Uncle was a stonemason before our home. It is to help people build houses, paint white, in the last two years every household has spare cash, and the demand for decoration is increasing. So the uncle also began slowly to help others tile. Uncle did a lot of labor when he was young. Everybody falls down and hurts. A little bit of age grows old and the body hurts, so the uncle considered not to be a stonemason. Because the past two years do not help paste tiles, but also know the approximate price of tiles. If you are doing well or you are more expensive than a mason, the most important thing is that buying tiles is not that hard. In the near future, it is planned to buy some shelves for displaying tiles. Let me suggest some suggestions.

    First of all, tile display stands are divided into a variety of functions. They are wall-mounted, upright and hanging. If it is arranged in accordance with the size of large, medium and small, there are. So we need to clarify our own needs. Uncle because of the town, the main target of sales is to radiate the town's rural areas. So there is no need to put too much money on the decoration. According to the classification of the couple, his short-term temporary business was to help others put on indoor and outdoor wall tiles. There are not many species, probably more than 20 varieties. So my suggestion is to buy some small display stands at the door to attract people crossing the road. Let the people in town know that you have tiles for sale. The effect of word of mouth is great.

    Uncle's store is not very big, probably about 50 square meters, so I do not recommend uncle to buy that kind of large-scale display stand. Medium size on it. Buy 4-5 indoors for customers to pick in. When space is satisfied, it is well-ordered.

    In addition, I also recommend that the uncle use the Internet to write a tile display software, which can help you put your product simulation into a renovated house. Customers can see the results easily and the efficiency is still very high. The specific software own Baidu oh.

    Through the combination of online and offline. Uncle's people are also in our town. I believe that my uncle will certainly make his second career flourish. I also hope that my friend who has a second career, like his uncle, will find the goal of sailing in his own business.