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Hand-painted exhibition hall design display

(1) First of all, to understand what the community you are trying to do is to understand the main business of the owner you face in a very fast situation, you can avoid being unfamiliar during the next day's contact. This causes the other party to question your professionalism. This kind of questioning may extend to later disapproval of your design. At the same time start the role conversion.

(2) Positioning itself as the owner, then what is the core concern of the owner, what is the core role that we need to design for, and we want to finish the design better in the front.

(3) Analyze the plane space. Through the analysis of the plane space, it is necessary to simply derive the relationship between the streamlines and construct the original structure of the scene. This step serves two purposes. The first is to better communicate with the owner about the spatial layout. The second is to use it later in the rendering process to save time. Perfect layout design based on data

(4) find the effect of reference map, this step is equal to the out of the material, in the face of face contact the next day can give their professional screening direction, to the owner of a guided process, but also do their own design , to avoid the later to find a case to waste their time to consider, to provide a direction for their own ideas. According to the reference picture, sketch out the general spatial rendering to make a draft layout.

(5) Because it is an exhibition hall, the exhibition hall I began to look for a large amount of exhibition space data at the same time as the analysis of the effect reference. Through analysis of the data, we came up with two directions: the exhibit exhibits as much as possible, and the exhibits are few and refined. In these two directions, I have made two plans for the layout of the owners to choose to reflect their own professionalism, so that owners can trust the designer.

After finishing these five points, it was almost three o'clock in the evening, and then hurried to know what they were doing before going to bed, and then compiled them into volumes to provide written materials for the next day.

The contact on the second day was relatively smooth because of the preparations for the first day. From the feedback of the owners, they came up with their ideas. They gave the theme of the project and selected myself from the reference of the effect I gave. The most desired form to see at the same time, the owner gave the most critical information, keywords: "technology, high-end, dream, suddenly realized."

In fact, for me, the most important thing is to understand the ideas of the owners, what they hope to see, and the core words we design, and then translate this emotional vocabulary into the architectural language. This is the biggest gain of the day.
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