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Give your ceramic tile shop a good name

Before long ago heard a famous saying: The details determine the success or failure. When people reach a certain age, they begin to understand the true meaning. It's like buying and selling ceramic tiles. You look at other people's business so well, and you're ready to go. It feels like you can do just as well. It does not mean that you will fail, but everything is not so simple. You don't necessarily know what people are spending. But everything is not so difficult, as long as there is a humble heart. I think what you do will succeed. For example, give your own shop a name.

 The name is very simple, as long as I have no problem in several major directions.

    1, heavy feng shui, although many people say this is superstition. Say no science. In fact, I think this is the thing passed down by the old ancestors. Although some things are superstitious, some things are still helpful. It can well avoid the unfavorable factors brought by nature.

    2, Lang Lang catches up, this must, take the name thing is to let everybody be able to say your shop name with the jingle sb's anywhere, anytime. More people will remember it. Those who want to flaunt their culture and take a sloppy name are forgetting, and most people still don't like it.

    3, with the moral: do not think there is an implied name is nothing to catch up with Lang Lang, they can help each other. The name has an implied proof that you are not Wang Xiaodi; they are not Xiaoming's public names. The customer naturally knows that your quality is actually quite high.

    4, brand: Some people want to say, it is low, blaming people's names more shame ah. Actually, it's just that we're just opening a store. It's not necessary to think so far. Think of your chain stores open all over the country. At this stage you just need your customer to remember your name. As for later if you really do a big business, you can completely formalize it, and find a professional name company to help you name it. They are professional.

    If you say so much, surely there are many factors that are not taken care of, but it's better than nothing. Brainstorming. Welcome to discuss with Tsianfan.
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