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How to choose the color of floor tiles?

Modern decoration is essential for floor tiles, and many families choose to use floor tiles instead of solid wood floors in certain areas of the living room. Floor tiles have the advantages of moisture-proof function, quality, pressure resistance and wear resistance, which are very popular among netizens.
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Floor tiles have excellent decorative features and can be used in squares, living rooms, bathrooms, balconies, shopping malls, office buildings, houses and other places. Floor tile selection is an important part. Today, Xiaobian will introduce this issue to netizens.

How to choose the brick texture and how to choose the color of the tile.

How to choose the quality of floor tiles?

1. Look at the surface: the pattern is clear, the lines are even, smooth and flat, and the special pattern is even. The tone is harmonious and uniform, and the color is full and there is no color difference.

2, look at the size: size rules, no head size, the angle of cut angle is accurate, four sides straight, square, placed in any corner of the same level, there should be no warping phenomenon.

3, look at the embryo color: the embryo color feels white and natural, the raw material impurities are small, the thickness of the material is uniform, no obvious thin and uneven.

4, look at the packaging: the product packaging is exquisite, strong, the font printing is clear, the batch number is clearly marked, the packaging should have a factory inspection report, certificate, instructions and so on.

5, look at the thickness: the general floor tile thickness should be greater than 8mm, the floor tile is too thin due to the low strength during construction, extremely easy to break, construction is difficult, not durable.

6. Listen to the sound: gently tap the part of the floor tile with iron, the sound should be even, the sound is crisp, and there is a metal sound brick. Generally, the brick body is fine, high in strength, high in structural strength, and durable.

How to choose the color of the floor tiles?

Floor tile color --- yellow

The color of the yellow tiles is arguably the more common color. The warm yellow tiles always make us feel warm. The overall colour of this living room is warm and cosy, with colourful furniture and goose-colored walls.

Show warm home living room pictures.

Floor tile color---dark green

Dark green tiles, similar to black, are laid out in this fresh bathroom, further embodying the minimalist design of the bathroom. However, the color of this floor tile is more critical, so be careful. and so

According to the actual situation, what color tiles are uncertain.

Floor tile color --- dark brown

The retro-styled dark brown floor tiles and the dark wood cabinets and closets in the kitchen create a strong vintage feel. The bright yellow microwave oven turned into a bright color in the kitchen and was very eye-catching. So no matter where you use it

The color of the brick is the same as the overall consistency.

Floor tile color---light blue

Fantastic blue-and-white bathroom design with blue and white gradient tiles throughout the space, as if to take you into the ocean world. This blue and white gradient tile color is especially suitable for Mediterranean style decoration, fresh and soft
Beauty brings a relaxing experience.