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Dongpeng ceramic tile exhibition hall

Dongpeng Electronic Hall touch shopping guide system is an electronic display sales tool applied to Dongpeng national terminal stores and home improvement business personnel. This system can assist terminal store shopping guides and business sales personnel to promote products to customers and conduct electronic marketing with consumers. Interactive, effectively promote sales orders; can be connected through the Internet, with network system management capabilities, the headquarters can publish activities, products, space, information and other information to the terminal through the network management system, the terminal touch shopping guide system can automatically capture and display the latest information.

   Top 10 Benefits of Dongpeng Electronics Showroom:
        1. The electronic showroom uses the best video touch products in the world;
        2. to meet the needs of customers to choose between the model;
        3. to meet the customer's own DIY design needs;
        4. can help shopping guide records, the customer's choice of products, space, timely sent to the customer's mobile phone, to facilitate shopping guide tracking service;
        5. When developing mini-stores, electronic showroom + model = can generate benefits;
        Sixth, as outdoor community real estate, promotional activities, can be used as a precision marketing tool;
        7. Can be used as the video teaching platform of Dongpeng Network Business School;
        8. In stores or commercial establishments, it can be used as a mobile advertising machine to promote the Dongpeng brand;
       9. Dongpeng Group agreement price is low, cost-effective

       10. As a platform for timely transmission of information between terminals and company headquarters;

        Dongpeng Electronic Hall touch shopping guide application range:
        I. Daily display in the exhibition hall
        1. You can introduce Dongpeng’s newest products to customers through electronic showrooms, while meeting the needs of customers' own DIY designs.
        2. Display paving effects and space applications while introducing products to customers.


        II. show in the exhibition

        III.employee training, internal conference use