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do you know stone shelves can anti-static?

In different environments and different seasons, there is the possibility of irregular electrostatics in steel. In response to this situation,  Tsianfan has specially designed and developed a stone display rack that can even prevent static electricity (of course, tile display stands are also applicable). Here's how to introduce the next static stone display rack.

Anti-static display material used: carbon steel chrome mesh. The chromium coating has good chemical stability and does not work in alkalis, sulfides, nitric acid, and most organic acids, but it can dissolve in hydrochloric acid (such as hydrochloric acid) and hot sulfuric acid. So it can block the air well and prevent the steel from being oxidized.

Stone display transparent and bright, can effectively prevent the falling stone blocks, and enhance the anti-static effect. Suitable for display, clean and bright appearance. The sturdy carbon steel chrome mesh promotes air circulation. The anti-static shelf board is made of carbon steel chrome mesh. Flexible and flexible, simple and convenient installation, elegant and generous, steel frame environmental protection and strong. Simple and beautiful, it is made of carbon steel chrome mesh and pillars and accessories. It is very durable.

Seeing here, does it also want to configure this kind of anti-static display stand for its own showroom? The beautiful atmosphere is the name of your stone sample display.

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