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Display racks that pay attention to those aspects

In fact, after we have made a display stand, the most important part is the transport problem. The display rack can be transported to the customer's desired location. Safety is the most important. The following describes the factors that affect the display of the transport.

As shown in Figure 1, the attitude of the transportation clerk:. Many of the friends who purchased products at Taobao or should be able to understand that some of the products that are easily broken are the most vulnerable, but some couriers have a very good attitude. Hands. The first step in transporting the salesman's attitude.

2, transport vehicles. This is different for each one. Some cars are a little better, and their bumps on the road are not as heavy. If the car is a little worse, the probability of showing a knot is greater.

3, Packaging:. The packaging problem of the display stands is also very important. Generally, the packaging is well-packed, and the tightly-packed display stands. There is basically no problem on the road. It is better to lay a wooden stand in addition to traffic accidents, otherwise your display standmust not be There will be problems.

4, stacking angle, in the case of a lot of goods, stacking angle is very important. The transporter sometimes puts the display stand sideways to save space, plus the bumps on the car. The risk factor suddenly increased.


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