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Design idea for simple display rack

The flexible and easy-to-display stand, as its name suggests, is embodied in its flexible shape and easy assembly to introduce the animal image into the product:. Let the product have vitality, let the user feel the warmth and comfort that the animal elves bring to bring people closer to the product. With the use of wooden material assembly forms, effective conversion between shapes can enrich the appearance. It also brings a variety of functions.

Flexible and easy display design
Through market visits, we obtained and mastered a large amount of available data and data. After carefully sorting out the data obtained, we obtained some data with high credibility. We learned that households that can excite young consumers can purchase it. The shelf is not simply a popular product. First of all, in the case of a certain function, it must have a distinctive appearance and it should be assembled. And in line with humanized design, the appearance of most home display stands on the market are square. Relatively rigid. We cannot satisfy the bird demand on user's feeling. Some models are good in shape, but the assembly method is very simple. In use, they cannot meet the challenge of users.

Therefore, the design strives to break through the existing phenomenon that the display stands tall and the shape is fixed, eliminating people's stance on the traditional display business. ‘‘Only function’’. In appearance form. The assembly and disassembly portability and derivative functions have all been reasonably improved.

Functional structure design
The versatility of the flexible and easy-to-display display combines the principles of ergonomics, aesthetics and psychology. It seems that there is only a single commercial display function, and derivative forms can also be used on coffee tables, rocking chairs, and bookshelves. Highlight the combination of sensual appearance and rational construction.

Flexible portability of the display shelf. The design of the flexible display shelf is moderate in size: not only for ease of handling, but also a standard three-in-one screw connection for assembly at the assembly site.

Satisfy the psychological needs of the user When it is found that it is a trundle display rack, it is also a rocking chair, a slight shake to recall the memories of childhood and forget about the uneasy moments of life. When it was discovered that it was just a Trojan horse display rack and it had a rocking chair-derived function, it could also be used to create a bird display rack and a giraffe display rack. keep changing. Not fixed on the fixed list. Is not what young people want to pursue?

The color effect of industrial products contributes to the sense of appearance of the product to a certain extent. At present, the color of the display stands on the market is also full of various kinds of Fengfeng Palace. Basically meet the need for color appearance of the product appearance. However, the features are far from enough.

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