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Complete floor exhibition design

The design of the floor exhibition hall is a small category of display design. It is necessary to consider the best spatial placement relationship between people, fields and exhibits so as to infuse specific information in every corner of the exhibition hall. Designers must not only consider the aesthetic issues when designing, but also take into account the added value that the exhibition hall brings to the product. At the same time when considering the design of external forms and images, it is also necessary to consider the intrinsic function, that is to say, for the staff of the booth. Booth work provides a good environment and conditions.

Design Intent (Design Purpose)

        Simplicity and practicality are the basic characteristics of modern minimalist style. The simple style not only focuses on practicality, but also reflects the exquisiteness and personality of modern social life and reflects a certain degree of cultural taste. The purpose of this design is to closely focus on the theme of modern simplicity, plus the Chinese design elements in the inside, combined with each other, blending with each other, but with a simple and practical as the main tone of the design style.

        Floor Space Design

        Designed to follow the flow of people, each district is designed to be rational and eloquent, giving people a feeling of simplicity and generality. For example, the finance office uses streamlines to form a structure, which is embodied in slopes and decorations. The lines are soft and elegant, some have a sense of rhythm, and the entire structure is integrated. The rest area is mainly composed of white color, and mahogany is the background wall, giving people a soft and cozy space. The sofa comes in the form of a floor, giving a lovely, lively atmosphere. The body-building area must not only be beautiful, but also more practical and integrated, and lighting should be based on warmth. Comfortable decoration is not lack of fashion, people in the space to get spiritual and physical relaxation, and follow the pace of fashion, but also to meet the modern people mix and match fun.

Satisfy the buyer's material and spiritual needs

        The main purpose of display design is to use the methods of spatial planning and layout color, and present it to the public well. Take a people-oriented concept and fully consider the person in the design. The main factor is to show the space art in the commercial display design with the use of sub-utility art design. Taking the public as the main body and effectively organizing the region of space, a good consideration is given to the cooperative relationship between space and route, that is to highlight the position of the person in the state of social psychology, and then to make the public watch the exhibition. At the same time, you can get all the psychological feelings about the space experience.

        Throughout the entire design, people have always been the object of service. Taking into account the human factor, the practicality of space art will be fully utilized to meet the needs of the public. Simple and practical is the basic characteristic of modern minimalist style. The simple style not only focuses on practicality, but also reflects the exquisiteness and personality of modern social life and reflects a certain cultural taste. The public can appreciate the effect of the entire space art design in a comfortable and harmonious space environment. The appropriate coordination of the structure, size and size of the environment to be presented in the exhibition hall with the proportion of the human body should be taken into account in order to allow people to exercise, circulate, and enjoy the viewing comfort in every area of the space environment. Activities in a more comfortable environment, giving it a sense of space for people's lives. At the same time, in the display cabinets, booths, and display of articles, it is possible to realistically consider the height of the viewer's line of sight, and then perform a standardized combination. In addition to the tilt on the lighting, etc., will make the effect of the exhibits more prominent.

        Helps increase product competitiveness

        The design of the floor exhibition hall not only satisfies the simple introduction of the product model and practical features of the floor, but also enlarges the characteristics displayed by the customers on the floor products, so the floor exhibition hall is similar to the floor promotion center. Here, the door of the exhibition hall is open to everyone. This design not only inherits the feng shui layout design of Chinese culture, but also has an international style and modern fashion. It has invisiblely increased the core competitiveness of the floor.

        Summing up, the space design of the floor exhibition hall should be close to life while considering beauty, and be close to the customers, highlight the commercial value of