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What are the characteristics of the combined display

Recently, many friends have discovered that they are more willing to invest more in the portfolio. After learning about it, I discovered that for most of the exhibitors who need to participate in the exhibition, they need more flexibility. Combined into a different shape by a single display stand. Variety patterns. The combined display rack usually has the following features.

  1. Easy to transport: The combined display rack can usually be disassembled, and the installation is extremely convenient and quick. It is better for friends who need to do long-term outdoor demonstrations.

    2. The display sample has high flexibility. Normally, the size of the sample cannot be changed after the rack is completed. However, this is not applicable to the combined display stand. Because the racks can be assembled with each other, different sizes of samples can be displayed.

    3, change the layout of the exhibition hall: the same display rack, the same layout. Immutable. Combined display can bring you some fresh stuff. Different shapes are achieved through the combination of different shelves. Concisely change the exhibition route of the exhibition hall.

    4. Turn waste into treasure: The general display rack is welded. Shape, size, etc. cannot be changed. However, the combination display is usually fixed with screws. When you can skillfully master each component of the combined display rack, re-disassemble and assemble them. You can turn waste into treasure.

    After all, the combined display rack is not a panacea. He also has his own shortcomings. As long as we choose their own display stand according to their actual situation. It will be able to maximize profits.
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