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Used life for Wood floor display shelf

Different types of floor display racks and floor displays in different environments have different ages. The ideal state or hypothetical state is used here to investigate how long the floor rack can be used.

       Wooden floor steel display rack: This type of display rack is made of special high quality steel. In the non-artificial situation, the service life of general steel shelves is relatively long. Can reach 5-8 years. The only constraint on his use of time is the display rack style and rust.

    MDF floor display racks: MDFs have a shorter service life than steel materials. And the density board is easily affected by the moist environment. Usually 3-5 years can be achieved if it is well maintained.

How can I extend their useful life:

       Reasonable environment, whether it is steel materials or MDF wood flooring display racks need to be in a dry environment.

       Instead of being placed in a dangerous place, the display racks are relatively crisp and just serve to display them, keeping in mind places that are unstable on the ground and vulnerable to attack.

       Treat gently, remember to be gentle and rude when placing the sample. The end result of using brute force is to reduce their useful life.
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