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Ceramic tile punching plate display rack

Ceramic tile punching plate display rack style:

a. Supports per square (0.8)

b. uses squares per square (0.8)
c. Each square (1.2-1.5) thick lock wall piece, lock wall segment support lock wall vertical display

d. Thicker strap support per square (1.2-1.5), back frame supports separate display

e. The side frame is thickened per square (12.-1.5), the side frame supports separate and independent displays

Additional features: Dismantle multi-function origin: Fujian Material: Metal

All the holes in the exhibition area and the slots embedded in any holes can be placed in various specifications. Stands with brackets are free to move and are the preferred product of the Alliance Event Hall.

Infinite splice stitching can take advantage of your creative display rack. The flexibility and diversity of presentation methods combined with your creative inspiration is your style.

The attitude is free and unrestricted. It does not accept the size and size of more, and is compatible with different types of exhibits.

High temperature paint, fine texture. Environmental protection technology, color stability, no smell, no blistering. Paying attention to details is our essence. We are meticulous in material selection and design. We must not only look good but also last longer.
Thick galvanized sheet, one piece stamped into one, high load-bearing without deformation.

Strong load-bearing, thick and thick support shaft high-quality galvanized square tube, bearing performance is guaranteed.

The welding is firm, the solder joints are evenly distributed, and the substrate is totally natural. The overall structure is very strong.

No fading, no odor, high-temperature paint, solid color, environmental protection process scratch resistance.


1, on the order: the buyer can communicate with our salesman good size details, we will design drawings, drawings confirm our order production.

2, on the packaging: The company's product packaging using fiber packaging tape, paper box, and wooden box packaging, if there is special demand, please note with our staff.

3, on the installation: Our product installation is a simple assembly, the product hole position, and spare parts are complete, the general product has installation instructions, can be assembled on their own, if encountered installation problems, with our customer service Staff communication.

4, on the freight: freight according to the freight company quotes, the freight borne by the buyer, the transport time according to the time of the freight company.

5. Notice of receipt: The exhibition rack is sent to the customer's local logistics station. When the customer picks up the goods, please be sure to open the inspection and acceptance, check whether the goods are damaged, check the damage of the goods to contact our customer service personnel, we will handle it in time for you, if the customer does not check We will not bear any responsibility for the signing of the shipment.