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Tile display rack making method

Materials: steel, wood, screws, hammers, vise, paint, rulers, drawings, drills, etc.


First, download the tile display rack modeling picture online. Understand the outline structure, main material, size, etc. of the display rack.

Second, after purchasing the steel materials needed in the building materials market, they are trimmed with pre-measured specifications.

Third, in accordance with the drawings on the display rack after the assembly with screws and other tools necessary to fix. Prevent the rack from twisting.

Fourth, spray paint after everything is ready. After drying to formaldehyde, the work is completed

Matters needing attention:

As shown in Figure 

1, it is best to choose a better quality material. In order to avoid the risk of falling tiles after

2. Use standard sizes as much as possible when cutting.

3, spray paint to ask a professional chef, this effect will be more uniform and more beautiful than your own spray.

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