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Tile Hall Design

Ceramic tile design we need to solve with such a few issues. Target target customers, enhance brand competitiveness, and increase business value. Specifically: 

Targeting target customers: What are the characteristics of the major customer groups we sell for tiles? Mainly include (age, gender, education, income, etc.) to enhance the brand competitiveness: highlight the selling point. Finding the show style of the exhibition hall and the target customer group matching scheme. Show layout rationalization.

Improve brand competitiveness: Keep abreast of product selling points. Different from competitors' product features. Seize the customer's major needs and additional requirements. Get the brand's core competitiveness.

Increase the value of your business: Your showroom tells your target customers that they are not just displaying tiles, but the hard power of tile suppliers. So they're worth the purchase. Even if the price is not within their tolerance.

Having this three directions is much easier. We only need to focus on finding problems, solving problems and feedback problems. In the following, we will introduce to you about the design and decoration of the tile hall.

We try to match as much as possible when designing styles. Comparing the three companies, this sentence will not be outdated at any time. But it is not like now. The price comparison between online and offline can obtain the completeness of information. The main channel is the building materials market under the cable, the decoration company. Online Taobao, public comment and more. Through the comparison of the final strength of the company, it is very important to choose a strong and outstanding designer. The foundation must be firmly established. How designers choose depends on your own. However, middle-aged designers are generally rigorous but lack creativity. Young designers are passionate about design. However, it is often impractical and some ideas will be difficult to complete. The best combination of the two.

The designer chose to finish. After the design draft came out, it was the question of material selection. As a veteran of the building materials industry, I don't need to teach you how to choose materials. You either have friends or have a building company on your own. So it is very convenient.

What are the drawings, material, space layout, and what is missing? That's right, tile exhibition racks. The last level. The specific choice of display racks seems to have been introduced in other articles before. Everyone can look over. It is important to remember not to buy tiles that do not meet the style of your showroom. Of course, customization is the best choice.