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Tile Hall Demonstration Process and Functional Requirements

1. Demonstration process and environment

(1) Carefully consider the customer's expectations and needs, and any irrelevant items should be reduced, such as slogans.

(2) At the beginning, there should be a brief description of Meet&Greet and company services.
a. How much time does the customer have today? Why come to visit? Who introduced it? What are you looking forward to?
b. What is a tile? The composition of the tiles? What is the difference between what we offer and what the design company offers?

c. Short video or product brochure

(3) Selective focus, not necessarily one by one, depends on the focus of the customer

(4) The customer's problem highlights his focus, remember to take notes; and strengthen the introduction of the interested part

2. Large classification of function introduction
(1) Operation interface: TV navigation interface (remote control), traditional scene panel (shortcut keys), iPad/iPhone, AndroidPad/Phone (APP), touch screen, CA/NYCE remote control
a. The remote controller is particularly important and must be reinforced
b. touch screen is particularly important and must be reinforced
c. C4 wireless scene panel can be used in some rooms

d. CA/NYCE remote control, can be used as an old man's drop prevention or TV demonstration

(2) The focus of audio and video control
1N in one, universal remote control concept

2 video matrix function demonstration

(3) background music demonstration
a. TuneIn host is broadcast music server
b. AirPlay/DLNA Wireless Music Bridge
c. MyMusic host is a digital music server

d. Single Room Play, Party Mode, Partition Mode

(4) Demonstration focus of light control
a. how to highlight the dimming effect
b. How to highlight scene changes
c. How to combine lighting and music atmosphere

d. How to Match the Sensor (Auto Light)

(5) Security Monitoring
a. combined with background music and lighting
b. Integration with sensors
c. Integration with security systems

d. integrated system screen

(6) Motor Control
a. curtain system
b. Garage Control
c. lifting frames
d. valve control

e. pouring system

(7) Air-conditioning heating
a. control interface

b. linkage control

(8) Integrated programming demonstration function
a. light scene, arbitrary
b. music list, rich and varied
c. morning call scene, meet the needs
d. notification function, the most intimate
e. SMS mail, mastered

f. schedule timing, independent actions

3, other
a. The rhythm and rationality of programming
b. function design of meeting room
c. For each product line, there should be high, medium and low options, such as: curtains (Somfy/Dolya/Chuangming)
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