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Things about stone samples display

Types of stone samples: granite, marble, limestone, slate, sandstone, quartz, serpentine, travertine, basalt, onyx, volcanic rock, artificial stone, and other species.

     Why to cut and make stone samples: Any stone developed must undergo commercial development. If the stone itself does not get market awareness. Or promote not go out. Market value cannot be maximized.

   According to the characteristics of different types of stone, professional display designer designs the style. These include display rack materials, display angles, arcs, dimensions, sample display surfaces, and more.

     Where is the stone sample display rack sold? Usually there is a preference for local manufacturing companies. In the local can not find the right to buy through the network. Alibaba or Baidu can meet your needs. At the same time, there are more stone sample display companies in the stone-rich areas. The display racks they generally make will be more professional.