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The method for Floor ceramic tile exhibition hall display cabinet

Floor ceramic tile showcase production method:

        1, according to the size of the exhibition hall, estimate the size of the floor tile showcase (length * height * width). Pay attention to reserve a proper amount of space. It is not appropriate to prevent the produced floor tiles from being placed in display cases.

        2. Design the style of the exhibition counter. The best design of your own design is simple, simple and generous. If the design is too complicated, the manufacturing process will be complicated. The limitations of tools and technologies may eventually fail to meet the requirements of the show.
3, the design of the necessary steel (load-bearing steel, decorative steel and placed steel)
4, the building materials market to buy the required steel. Steel is expensive and cheap, so choose the right one.
5, the overall display cabinet welding: welding according to their own design drawings. Pay attention to the welding step. If the display rack can be disassembled, it can also be designed as a screw-fixed type.
6, display cabinet polished: After welding, there will be a lot of welding head, using a cutting machine or other tools to polish the showcase to make it smooth.
7, paint, paint has a lot of colors. According to the design requirements of the exhibition hall, you can apply the required paint. It is also recommended to choose a better quality paint. Less formaldehyde.

        8, finally placed. Floor tile exhibition booth display rack production is completed.

        The entire design process may take 3-5 days to wait for the paint to dry.

        Wooden floor tiles showcase production method:
Wooden display racks are similar to steel display cabinets. The main difference is that wood materials need to be cut by themselves. Cut to the right size.
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