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The main function of the ceramic tile display stand showroom

A showcase is a kind of display prop, and it is also a powerful tool for commercial advertising for various products in different industries and is the main carrier of goods. Especially in the commercial field, the function of the showcase is even more important. In the following, Tsianfan Industrial & Trading Co., Ltd will discuss with you the following aspects:

First, to facilitate the display of goods

In general, our goods will be divided into many types. For example, some of the goods we sell at the same time are relatively high-priced, relatively high-quality, some are relatively low-priced, and quality is ordinary. With the display function of the display cabinets, it is much more convenient for us to display and sort them into different categories. It also allows the customers to see at a glance, and the customers can easily and quickly see the favorite products and leave a good impression on the customers and the audience. For businesses quickly provide customers with a powerful help.

Second, to strengthen the function of relaxed and comfortable shopping atmosphere

Nowadays, customers like to go to some places that give people a special feeling of leisure and light birch pleasure. As the rhythm of modern life keeps accelerating, the pressure and burden of life are also very depressing. This time, many The customers took advantage of this opportunity to go to the mall to stroll around, especially women. When they arrived at the mall, they would first look at the cosmetics and the sharpest goods, and precisely, the first impression of the cosmetics showcase for women was beautiful and generous. Dignified and elegant, naturally through the cosmetics showcase to strengthen the atmosphere, you can naturally and strongly attract female customers into the shop to watch the goods when women watch the goods, the body and mind feel very relaxed and pleasant. When the pressures of work, family, and life are suddenly thrown out of the sky, many women’s friends will have a strong desire to buy cosmetics. Therefore, the relaxed and comfortable shopping atmosphere can greatly increase customer turnover.

Third, establish the function of commodity brand

When we enter the mall, we will see that the LOGO of the goods in the upper left corner of the shopping mall inside the mall will be very bright and reliant on the lighting design of the showcase to show customers, and if the customer comes to buy the goods, The first time will take a look at the brand in the upper left corner of the showcase, and then watch the product. If the customer sees what they like, they will buy it directly and then use it to find the quality is very good, it is also very practical, and the price is reasonable. At this time, the brand will be more deeply remembered in mind, when the next time it is needed, it will be inescapable to buy goods again, and it will also help the goods for free to promote to the relatives and friends around. Naturally, over time, the brand of the product will It will be established in the minds of customers.

Fourth, the display function

The display function of the showcase is one of the important functions to attract customers' eyeballs, mainly because the customer's eyeball can be attracted, and it will come to watch the product with a high probability, and then the merchandise will use the display function of the showcase to beautify the decorative effect. Increase the attractiveness and value of goods, and indirectly increase the volume and sales of goods.

Fifth, free advertising functions for goods

In addition to facilitating the display of merchandise, the showcase also serves the purpose of advertising advertisements for merchandise. Through the color arrangement of appearance, the display cabinet uses the halo effect of light according to the preferences of different people, and the two cooperate with each other to display beautiful images. Image, to achieve the effect of an advertising effect to attract customers. Usually, customers only come to see this effect and come to spend and save a lot of money for advertising.
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