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The focus of bathroom display rack design

The main function of the bathroom display rack is to display bath products, such as faucets, water valves, and showers.

The bearing of the display stand was taken into account when designing. Because with the development of sanitary products, many faucets use copper cores and their weight increases a lot. The bathroom display rack must display a dozen or even twenty or thirty different types of products at the same time. The cumulative weight is very large. If the bathroom display cabinet is not designed with good stability, after it is filled with sanitary products May fall to one side.

Bathroom display rack

At the same time, the material of the back panel of the bathroom showcase should also be sturdy and can carry scattered weights of several tens of kilograms.

For a better user experience, some hooks that can be placed directly should be reserved when the bathroom display rack is designed. The use of merchants and customers can be enormous.

Only by dealing with the internal materials can we have a functional market and occupy a place in the bathroom display rack industry.
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