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The acceptance for ceramic tile display stand showcases?

What are the criteria for the acceptance of stone showcases? The demand for stone showcases is increasing day by day. The showrooms for stone showcases are also increasing. However, when we purchase the showcases, how can we proceed with acceptance? This problem may lead to the purchase of counters. The people were puzzled because they really did not know how to carry out the acceptance of the showcase. For this question, the following details for everyone.

The first step is to confirm whether the quantity of the showcases received is according to the delivery of the order, all kinds of accessories are complete, and the colors are satisfactory for the samples and packaging.

The second step: the overall installation accuracy of the showcase is tested:

1. The vertical deviation of the display panel is not more than 10mm;

2, the height deviation of the same beam ± 10mm;

3. The deviation from the center of the bottom of the column of the adjacent exhibition piece is ±2mm;

4. The misalignment of the same cabinet with the same laneway is not more than 5mm;

The third step: Showcase manufacturing accuracy test:

1. Adopt the imported CNC machine tool to punch the rolled and formed pillars with the error of ±2mm at the end of the hole;

2. At full load, the inner and outer corners of the column shall be less than H/1000, and the beam load deflection shall be less than L/250;

3. The rigidity and strength of the showcase meet the mechanical industry standard GB/5323-91;

4. The showcase welding process shall be carried out according to the national standards. There shall be no phenomenon of welding off and welding, and each welding site shall be artificially defluided and splashed.

The fourth step: surface treatment process:

Black blank - remove surface dirt - chemical derusting - phosphating - spray - leveling curing - packaging inspection storage, coating thickness of 60 microns.

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