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Strengthen floor display racks

Strengthen the characteristics of the floor properties: high-density fiberboard, dimensional stability is not very good, affected by temperature and humidity deformation, antibacterial, not insects, mildew, color, rich patterns, fire performance B1 level, lightweight. General sellers are committed to: "The use of imported decorative layers, high texture definition, anti-UV durable long-lasting does not fade, the overall one-time molding process, in the senses and touch to create a gorgeous and natural feeling. Sized in square meters. Normal use, 15-year warranty."

Based on the characteristics of the above laminate flooring, what aspects should we pay attention to when purchasing enough laminate floor racks?

    1. Purchase a laminate flooring with a certain quality or low center of gravity. The reason is to strengthen the weight of the floor itself is relatively light, in the process of a visit we will carry out a variety of perspectives of all kinds of modeling, increase the amount of intangible floor to strengthen the center, if the exhibition center of gravity cannot support the strengthening of the floor. That's not a demonstration. It can't be placed at all.

    2, no deformation, strengthen the floor itself is a fiberboard. Easy to damp. If your display rack is also susceptible to damp, this becomes a tricky business. Sometimes even if the laminate flooring is not damp, the display rack is damp. It will also be sexually transmitted.

    3, choose the indoor display rack, wooden floor occasionally placed in the outdoor but also placed in a cool place, indoor display stand with the characteristics of the outdoor display stand is not the same, after the specific I will write an indoor display stand and outdoor The difference between the display racks is compared. If you want to know now that you can call the phone number at the bottom of the website, please contact me.

After all, the display stands for the floor, so she must not overshadow the floor. Only the advantages of the floor covering the floor. Each floor has its own advantages and disadvantages. It depends on how the customer chooses and buys a floor that is suitable for sale.


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