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Strengthen floor display purchase instructions

Laminate flooring is also called laminate flooring and laminate flooring. The main features are stain resistance, acid reduction. Wear-resisting, antibacterial, no insects, mildew, good dimensional stability, will not be affected by temperature, humidity deformation, noise and noise reduction, comfortable feet, fire performance B1, lightweight. Formaldehyde content ≤ (1.5mg/L). Based on the above situation, we have given the following suggestions for strengthening wood flooring.

  1, to maintain the circulation of indoor air in the first three months. Strong enemy formaldehyde content. How to judge the formaldehyde content ≤ (1.5mg/L). How to measure formaldehyde content? Baidu, you know it.
     2. Do not place near sharp instruments. Reinforced wood flooring is vulnerable to scratches.
     3, laminate flooring display because the center is high, so when buying mainly to reduce the overall focus. So as not to fall easily.