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Stone finished product wholesale

Share several factors that determine the overall strength of the finished product display rack store.

As shown in Figure 1, the size of the physical storefront or exhibition hall is, for example, the number of square meters. The location is not the place where the rent is expensive.

2, there is no business license, registered capital and so on. The greater the registered capital, of course, proves that this company's hard power is more reliable and trustworthy.

3, is not a primary source of goods. It would be better if you have your own factory. Some formulas are derived from other factory agents so the price does not have much advantage. Of course he cannot give you the lowest price.

As shown in Figure 4, how are the sales channels on the network? A powerful company is not just a strong seller in the local market. The competition in the face of the Internet is absolutely not to be outdone.

5, how much the company employees. Employees more than prove the company's large-scale development. Strong anti-risk ability.

6, store sales. This reflects the ability to sell. You can judge from the side.