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Stone display rack installation specification and use principles

The installation of the stone display rack has many details that need to be mastered. If it cannot guarantee the installation effect, it will greatly affect the use of the display rack. The following is a brief introduction to the principle of installing and using the display rack.

First, the stone rack installation specification

1, according to the drawings to install

In advance, the drawings should be designed well. After the drawings are designed, the staff will install them. If there are any discrepancies during the installation process, they should be promptly put forward and can be constructed only after the approval of the change.

2, the detection apparatus must meet the relevant national standards

The various measuring and testing instruments, instruments, meters and equipment used in the installation shall comply with the provisions of the current national measurement regulations, and the accuracy level shall not be lower than the accuracy level of the installation requirements, so as to ensure the accuracy of the measurement results.

3, need to carry out quality inspection after installation

Many people do not perform any processing after the display rack is installed. This is very incorrect. After the display racks are installed, quality inspections should be conducted to ensure that the racks can truly function.

 Second, the use of stone display rack

1, high light and low weight

Placement of merchandise is very important. Light items are placed high on the display rack and heavy items are placed low on the display rack. This is to strengthen the overall safety of the display rack.

2, take care

This is also basic knowledge. Taking it lightly can ensure that the product is not damaged and can effectively guarantee the safety and stability of the display rack.
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