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In addition to display racks, what other natural stone auxiliary marketing props are there?

In addition to display racks, there are several other auxiliary marketing props that can be used to enhance the presentation and marketing of natural stone products. Some of these include:

1. **Sample Boards**: Sample boards are large panels or boards that display small samples of natural stone tiles or slabs. They provide a convenient way for customers to see and touch different stone varieties and variations in color and texture.

2. **Brochures and Catalogs**: Brochures and catalogs provide detailed information about the natural stone products available, including specifications, color options, and application ideas. They can be used to educate customers and help them make informed purchasing decisions.

3. **Digital Displays**: Digital displays, such as flat-screen monitors or interactive touchscreens, can be used to showcase photos, videos, and virtual tours of natural stone products in various applications. They provide an engaging and interactive way for customers to explore different stone options.

4. **Signage and Branding**: Signage and branding elements, such as banners, posters, and signage boards, can be used to promote the natural stone products and reinforce the brand identity. They can feature eye-catching graphics, slogans, and logos to attract attention and create brand recognition.

5. **Product Samples and Swatches**: In addition to sample boards, small product samples and swatches can be provided to customers for a closer look and feel of the natural stone materials. These samples can be packaged in sample kits or sample boxes for easy distribution.

6. **Product Stands and Pedestals**: Product stands and pedestals can be used to elevate and showcase individual stone slabs or tiles, creating focal points within the showroom or exhibition space. They can be designed in various sizes and styles to complement the natural stone products.

7. **Educational Materials**: Educational materials, such as guides, articles, and case studies, can be provided to customers to help them understand the properties, benefits, and maintenance of natural stone products. These materials can be distributed in print or digital formats.

8. **Demonstration Areas**: Demonstration areas can be set up to showcase the installation and maintenance of natural stone products. This can include live demonstrations of cutting, polishing, sealing, and cleaning techniques, as well as DIY workshops or seminars.

By incorporating these auxiliary marketing props into the showroom or exhibition space, natural stone suppliers and retailers can create a more engaging and informative experience for customers, ultimately helping to drive sales and build brand loyalty.