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Several styles in booth design

In the booth design, the style of the booth is various, so the business image displayed is also different. The main design styles of Tsianfan Exhibition in design booths are urban style, classical style and Chinese style.

The urban style shows individual character. With the development of the economy and the acceleration of urbanization, the design of booths has been greatly advanced, and the urban style has thus injected new impetus. In the design of urban style booths, Tsianfan Exhibition will integrate fashion elements and emphasize urban style visual effects through various forms. Among them, Tsianfan will use a lot of trendy colors and lights to render urban style.

The classical style shows a luxurious and classic personality. With the rise of branded goods, the style of classical style is also a common design style for booths in the design of booths. Tsianfan Exhibition mainly designs classic style booths to show the company's luxury classic personality. Tsianfandesigners often embed various symbolic luxury designs into the display design of shopping malls, such as painted glass ceilings, classical style elements, classical style decorative panels, decorative wooden corners, and so on.

Chinese style reveals fresh and elegant personality. With the emergence of many modernist schools, retro style prevailed in society. During the exhibition booth design, Tsianfan Exhibition found that more and more companies prefer Chinese-style booths. Therefore, Tsianfan will focus on the needs of enterprises in the design. Combining the main elements of screens, Chinese paintings, paintings and classical furniture, the Chinese-style booth was designed to create a fresh and elegant personality for the booth.
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