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Selection for outdoor ceramic tile display

The competitiveness of the tile industry can be imagined that even large companies such as Dongpeng Ceramic Tiles require a large number of salespersons to sell tiles in outdoor communities and other locations every day. Sometimes we come across some customers complaining that the outdoor tile display racks purchased by other manufacturers are too unhumanized. Then, how do you choose to buy a tile rack? Please look down?

Weight: I believe many customers care about this, go outdoors every day, if the sample is still as heavy as the stone, if there is no equipment to transport, it will be very tiring with its own manpower so the sample weight is the first important factor to consider .

Material:. Good sample materials will extend product life. Outdoor products do not want indoor products. Indoor display stands are generally not subject to sun exposure and the pain of feng shui and rain. So if you are both good or have experienced, then under When purchasing a display shelf, it is necessary to pay proper attention to the material of the product. To be wind-proof, it is easy to maintain. Appropriate tea wash is new again.

Volume: too large to carry is inconvenient. Fortunately, people are now smarter to design a variety of styles to reduce the size of the removable and foldable function is very suitable for outdoor personnel.

In the end, many people may wonder why they did not write about the beauty of the product. First of all, the aesthetics of outdoor display racks are not so important, customers will not give you money on the spot. In addition if you can trade on the spot. In the open environment where there is no comparable environment, the advantages of the exhibition stand are not so obvious. The main concern here is the shelf portability and service life issues.