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Sales high-quality push-pull tile display rack

In tile hall design, in order to avoid space waste as much as possible. Designs are usually based on the geographical location and geographical environment for the exhibition hall style tile display stand. The emergence of push-pull displays in space-filled exhibition halls perfectly solves the problem of insufficient space and crowded people.

     The company's push-pull display stands are mainly made of stainless steel. The use of stainless steel as the main material is mainly due to the weight of the tile itself. Make full use of vertical space and make it bigger and taller. If it is another material. Stainless steel has a hardness that is hard to reach. Uncontrollable additional factors.

     Several models of tile sliding display racks are now accepted for sale at Tsianfan Industrial & Trading Co., Ltd. Customers who need to buy, purchase, please move the product columns of the tile sliding display stand.