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Rental Service for Xiamen Tsianfan Exhibition Rack

First of all. Tsianfan Industrial & Trading Co., Ltd is mainly engaged in the sales ofdisplay racks throughout the country. For the exhibition rack rental service, services will only be provided for the surrounding area of Xiamen or Xiamen. The explanation is as follows:

1. Please communicate with our salesperson in advance to select and ensure that our company has a shelf that has been completed in the near future.

2. After confirming which type and size of rack you need, delay your time. Please make a timely payment, and those who have not paid after signing the contract will not be shipped.

3, the rental of the shelves must be intact, if there is damage or affect the appearance. Pay us at market price

4. We will not carry out secondary sales for rental racks. Used only for use in your showroom or as a second-hand display for public sale