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Recommend several high quality shower display rack

At present, the company's design of the shower room exhibition even two sales are better. In the domestic market also received more recognition. In addition, because the properties of the two display racks are relatively high-quality and the sales conditions are relatively satisfactory, if customers need to customize, please make an appointment with our sales clerk in advance. production time.

Model one: SY2022

This model of shower room display is divided into two parts, bathing and washing. The concept of redesign is relatively new and meets the daily life of most Chinese people's furniture. Space can also get a better three-dimensional feeling. Relatively small domestic house is a good choice.

It is more suitable for building materials decoration home market, building materials exhibition hall, decoration stores and other places.

Model II: SY2031

Number of exhibition boards: 3

Model 2 has a slightly different style design compared to model number one. It is positioned to be suitable for people who are seeking for novelty and comparative trends in life. In addition, a reasonable design space can perfectly solve the requirements of young users on space requirements.