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Quality portable rack classification introduction

In order to use the market demand, Xiamen Tsianfan has different positioning and different styles according to different products. A variety of portable display stands have been designed. Among them are some excellent display stands that stand out. Get market recognition. Now we will sort out the portable display rack designed by Tsianfan. We hope that when customers see this page, they will have a more complete understanding of our exhibits. And find what you like and fit your portable display stand.

 The portable display stands Xiamen Tsianfan main two categories are: tile portable display stand; stone portable display stand. According to the different characteristics of ceramic tile and stone, we will also make specific differences in the design.

    Tile portable display stand: We designed a total of 88 different products. We also believe that in the domestic market, at least until now nobody has been able to have stronger strength than ours. The 88 tile display racks are fully able to meet the needs of various customers. Whether you want to be recumbent or vertical. Or need acrylic material or stainless steel, density board. We can all make it. If you are the one hundred thousandth person. OK, no problem. We have professional designers who can customize your excellent portable display stand for you twice.

    Stone portable display rack: The domestic stone market is relatively fierce in comparison to the ceramic tile market competition, and the style is relatively free of ceramic tiles. However, this does not prevent us from becoming a supplier of quality stone display stands. It does not hinder our lofty position on the stone dealer side. Our outstanding designers have designed 57 different style stone display racks. Regardless of the means of transportation are cars, trucks, ships, and even bus bikes. Our display stand is very convenient to carry.

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