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Portability for drawer stone display rack in practical application

Drawer-type stone display racks evolved from stone pallet shelves, usually used to store heavy objects such as stone blocks, and the presence of the exhibition hall is not particularly spacious. Assembled and bolted display structure, the height of the display rack is generally less than 1.5m. Apart from the top layer, several layers can be designed into a drawer type structure, which is safe and reliable. It can easily pull out the goods weighing up to 100kg/layer and easily realize the goods. Access operations. This type of display rack is mainly used for storing places such as stone showrooms and other heavy goods exhibition halls.

 1 Easy to operate: With a combination of bearings, it slides smoothly; only periodic maintenance of the pulley is required.

2 display rack safe and reliable: additional positioning device, safe and reliable use;

3 Colors can be matched with the decoration style of your stone showroom.

4 Embossed plate is adopted on the load-bearing surface to increase the friction force to prevent the mold from falling off;

5 Modular parts can be assembled in any length;

6 simple structure: assembled from a variety of combination components, easy to transport, installation and removal;

7 Save space: The area is relatively small push-pull or flip-style stone exhibition rack, effective space-saving, easy maintenance and management of the stone model;

8 According to the needs of users to undertake bearing different specifications of stone display racks.
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