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Material for ceramic tile display rack

How to buy a tile display rack? First of all, you need to know where the tile racks are sold, how to buy them, what styles and materials are available, and so on. Today, we will give you a list of materials for tile display racks before they purchase tiles.

Iron: Iron display stands are the most commonly used material. His advantages are rugged and long service life. After the paint is beautiful, you can spray a variety of colors suitable for shop decoration style. The disadvantage is that it is prone to rust, blemishes, and reduced display effects.

Steel plate: The most popular material in 2018, mainly used in the hole plate, namely the tile punching plate display rack. Through the press punched out a regular hole in the top of the steel plate. Then insert the hook to show the sample. This is mainly used to place the effect on the wall position is better. Do not take up too much space.

Wood: The wood display stand is lightweight, compact and easy to carry, or it is loved by a lot of customers. The main material is MDF density board composition. This kind of material is prone to swelling and deforming in a humid environment or after absorbing water.

Plastics: Plastics are mainly acrylic and PP. Acrylic material is generally made into a table stand, participate in the exhibition and other effects will be very clear, beautiful atmosphere, crystal clear. However, long time regrets the appearance of dull colors, unable to obtain long-lasting exquisite display effect. PP materials are used on plastic sample books. Tile sample books made by opening molds after exploring customer needs are ideal for large companies. Large companies collect samples and distribute them or give them to agents.

General tile display materials are mainly those above. However, as China's high-tech research and development continue to progress, it may not be necessary to have more than two or three years more tiles of different materials will appear, then we will give details to the customer friend.
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