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How to stabilize the tiles on the display stand

Because tile product specifications are of different sizes, they are easy to slide and are not easily fixed. How to place the tiles on the display without falling off. The following explains my point of view.

First, the display racks of tile display stands are mostly quadrangular or even polygonal, so that the unstable stability seriously damages the placement safety of the tiles. Therefore, the best choice for the purchase of ceramic tiles or wooden studs is better. This kind of display stands firm. The detachable display effect with screws is not so good.

Second, fixed straps should be appropriate. Tiles are not better than other samples. It feels particularly smooth, especially when stratified. So try to use a rubber band. This band has a certain coefficient of friction for the tile sample. Can play a role.

Third, usually pay attention to inspection. Pay attention to the correct placement. Inspection is to prevent the display rack from loosening, the tape falling off, and so on. Safe placement is our personal meaning. This must not be careless. Tiles generally have a certain degree of sharpness when they fall to the ground. It is not good to hurt people.

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